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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. >> vallejo firefighters busy at a strip mall after putting out an overnight blaze. amy hollyfield is live at scene. >> reporter: good morning. the story is what a rough night it has been for the vallejo fire department. the call came in at 2:17. they were already operate scene of a fire that call came in at 1:55. two fires going on at the same time, only one engine left they had to call mutual aid to help. this fire started in the storm room of the church on sonoma boulevard. they called for that second alarm because they were
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worried about with the sign store on one side and the thrift center on the other. the sign store has smoke damage but they were able to save the buildings, no one was hurt. they are packing up now to get out of here. the other fire, we hear firefighters are still on the scene this city had to close three fire stations when it declared bankruptcy a few years ago. firefighters tell me tonight they felt those lack of resources. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. developing news in el cerrito, a gas leak has forced evacuation of four homes. the chief says crews found a column of dried dust spewing into the air when they arrived after 12:30 this morning. 10 people were evacuated from the homes. pg&e are working to identify the source of the leak and could be there for several
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more hours, no injuries were reported. we'll keep you posted. hercules police and highway patrol are investigating a late night freeway shooting that injured two on i-80 it happened shortly before 11 last night. two men were pulled off the highway into the gas station after the shooting, chp got the 911 call describing a pedestrian on the road causing traffic to swerve to avoid hitting him. investigators closed all lanes for 20 minutes while they searched. all lanes were reopened before midnight. a probation identify recovering from an injury after accidentally discharging his gun shooting himself in the leg it happened last night after 8:00 on highway 17 while the police department arrested the suspect wanted in gilroy on a one million dollar felony warrant for firearms violations. officers arrested the 23-year-old they say he's a
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known street gang member. the san jose police department says the probation officer was not involved in the arrest. and the officer is expected to be okay. this morning, oakland police are still looking for a 16-year-old in the attempted murder of a california highway patrolman. investigators say kenyon thomas of oakland is one of four suspects who rammed a chp cruiser saturday night, fired on the officer blowing out the car's back window two were arrested that night, a third man was taken into custody monday after an hour's longstanding off in east oakland. they say thomas may be arm. -- a 3.8 quake shook parts of the region this morning according to the -- the quake struck 3:18 this morning with an epiare two miles from marina delray. no reports of damage or injuries. a san francisco sheriff's
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lieutenant has been placed on leave after an alleged domestic violence incident at a local gym. he was detained after getting into a dispute last thursday at the gold's gym on market street this is video of him in a documentary about stereotypes in the gay community. he faces charges of assault with intent to be cause great bodily injury. police say the incident involved someone with him he has a personal relationship. a 20-year-old man drowned in the river yesterday the fifth person to die in the river this summer. he was swim with two friends by sunset beach when he began thrashing and went underwater. divers found his body an hour later in 10 feet of water. the man's name has not been released pending notification of family. tuesday's drowning happened a mile downstream where a
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13-year-old boy drowned sunday. search-and-rescue teams searching sequoia national park. the 31-year-old was last seen sunday afternoon near the 13,000 foot mark. he set out on a day hike, 20 and a helicopter are looking for him. he's six feet tall, weighs about 165 pounds, short black hair. he was wearing a tan full brimmed hat, sunglasses white t-shirt and blue pants. california's ongoing water wars will heat up today. the governor is expected to reveal an anticipated plan to carry water from northern to southern california. the proposal calls for building two underground tunnels to divert water from the delta to farmers in the central valley as well as los angeles and san diego. critics say it will devastate salmon and other fish in the dell the project would be paid
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for with an 11 billion dollar water bond. more than a dozen environmental groups are planning a rally at 12:30 to launch their campaign against the proposal. several democrats are calling for a ban on high capacity ammunition clips after the movie theater massacre in colorado. house and senate leaders of both parties say the shooting should not be politicized. meanwhile christian bale visited survivors of the shooting. >> reporter: it won't take away the pain but it might help. batman himself, or at least the actor who plays him christian bale visited victims of the shooting. he showed up in aurora without a camera crew cell phone photos are the only clear pictures. >> he specifically asked for no publicity. >> reporter: christine met bale. >> i am a batman fan. >> reporter: he also stopped by the memorial for the 12 who
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were killed in the massacre. the denver broncos made the rounds trying to comfort survivors. >> this is our community we have to come together. >> reporter: there's more uplifting news. hugo jackson medically who some are calling a miracle -- baby was born yesterday his parents were at the theater, his mom uninjured, his dad lost an eye and still fighting for his life. new details about the man who allegedly carried out the massacre. inside the aurora police headquarters the hours after the shooting, james holmes was staring at the wall, eyebrows twitching, he even used evidence bags placed over his hands by detectives as hand pup mets. holmes will be charged monday. that -- tahman bradley, abc news. stay with us for the latest developments on the tragedy in colorado. we are updating developments on twitter. gilroy police looking for
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the person or people who managed to steal more than $12,000 worth of tickets for this weekend's garlic festival. 1,000 tickets were taken between june 5th, and july 2nd. half were for adult admission and the other half for seniors and children. some of the tickets have been sold online. buyer beware, they will not be honored at the entrance gates. officials say there are large numbers on the tickets and they know which ones were stolen. shame all around, including for the folks who spent the money to buy tickets online. >> police are on the scent, they will find out. the scent is especially strong this weekend by then warm again. >> let's check in with mike. >> garlic ice cream may be good over the weekend, warmer. good morning temperatures on the decline, mainly dry so far
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this morning many any drizzle confined to the coast. visibility unlimited under this cloud deck. more clouds than fog this morning. making late push or quicker push than it did yesterday. temperatures in the 50s with mostly cloudy conditions through 7:00. as we jump towards noon clouds are back to the coast, temperatures in the 50s through san francisco, 60s around the bay shore, 70s in the south bay and east bay valleys, lunch time temperatures. 4:00, -- a few 80s fairfield, antioch, livermore, morgan hill, 70s inland. 60s and 70s bay. 60s at the coast not as much sun as yesterday everybody is going to be a few degrees cooler than yesterday. 7:00, 50s along the coast in san francisco, 60s around the bay, comfortable 60s and 70s inland. next three days, tomorrow the low watermark coolest in the afternoon, friday into
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saturday, a warming trend temperatures getting closer to average. time for traffic. there's a connection ramp closed now in the cupertino area, it is southbound 280, to northbound 85, and they had roadwork yesterday as well that is scheduled until 6:00 this morning, detours in place, right now other than that, traffic flowing well in the south bay, moving at 61 miles an hour northbound 85 towards sunnyvale. earlier problem towards golden gate bridge northbound 1 at macarthur tunnel cleared. the approach to the bay bridge roadwork scheduled right now on westbound 80 scheduled out towards the west grand avenue overcrossing that is scheduled until 5:00 this morning in addition to that, also found the left lanes blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge on the incline section that should be cleared with the
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lanes blocked it is not causing delays. also check out the san mateo bridge, no problems right now, no major accidents. just about 4:42. next, breaking for whales. reaction from bay area ship captains on new speed limits. police officer rescued after a fall over a niagara falls cliff. we'll show you how firefighters pulled him to safety. stuck in a well. this bull was freed after being trapped for hours. we'll show you how they did it. >> and that's no bull.3q
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a man was killed and a police officer broke his leg after they fell into a gorge at niagara falls. they extended a ladder over the gorge, lowered down a stretcher and used a rope to get him out. the officer was chasing the man when they both went over a retaining wall. the man was found dead at the scene. new effort to protect whales with an alarming number killed by ships. noaa is recommending that all ships slow down to 10 knots in the gulf of the fair lawns -- noaa says the whales are eating huge amounts of -- the slow down for ships voluntary for now. >> the crews understand the
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whales are magnificent animals and nobody wants to hit them. if they can see a next us is between actions that might be required of them and benefit to the whale population we are hoping for success. >> if the recommendation doesn't work noaa may enact a mandatory rule that would move shipping lanes further or farther from the coast and create a slow lane. rescue crews managed to free a bull stuck in a sacramento county irrigation well overnight. that bull trapped itself in a nine foot deep well that had water in it. after hour hours and with the help of a cattle expert, firefighters and police pulled the animal to safety. the bull was unhurt and given back to its owner. rescuers believe the animal was shooked and fell into the well. next, disappointing news in the battle against alzheimer's, after a promising drug failed a key test. incredible video of flooding from china after the country is pummeled by a wet
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. temperatures one to two degrees cooler than yesterday. more 60s around richmond and oakland. low to mid 70s throughout the bay. low to mid 80s east bay valleys. i've been talking about st. louis a lot not because i'm from there, my sister lives there. this will be the 11th day this summer where they've had a high temperature over 105°. that is a record for them i am everybody else in the 80s and 90s dallas and phoenix 100 and 105 there. clear conditions all major airports on time, big area of yellow from kansas city,
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chicago, st. louis, detroit some delays could develop. check out our flight tracker coming up on 4:50. california's top finance officials acknowledge there could be as much as 37 billion dollars in special funds hiding inside the state's coffers. this after governor brown's administration discovered leaders in the state park system hid 54 million dollars in special s by not reporting them for a dozen years. the mercury news reports the honor system is used to track special funds. state agencies have more than 500 special fund accounts that money comes from user fees as opposed to tax revenues. equine mystery, two malnurished horses abandoned on a road in morgan hill are recovering they were discovered last friday both were so dehydrated, they drank
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20 gallons of water when they were rescued. they are being cared for by a non-profit program that uses horses for therapeutic activities. the extreme drought in the midwest is hitting california farms and soon it will hit us in the pocketbook. the price of corn has skyrocketed sending up price of feed for dairy farmers. maddox farm in fresno slapped with a 25% increase in corn. >> from 14.3 billion to 12.8 and that's dropping daily put pressures on the world food supply and the prices have jumped $90 to $100 a ton. >> some farms are struggle to stay in business. the higher costs will be passed down to consumers. metropolitan transportation commission meets this morning in oakland
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to consider free muni for youth program. options include allocating four million dollars to muni's program, help fund programs in santa clara and alameda counties or study the possibility of setting up a region wide program. dramatic footage here. flood waters in a village outside beijing. residents captured video of major flooding engulfing buildings and cars this week. heavy rains from a summer storm have caused major flooding. the chinese government has blamed 37 deaths, the flood waters damaged homes, schools and hundreds of businesses. >> that is dramatic footage. in the meantime, let's turn our attention to the bay area weather much cooler. nice on the pocketbook, would be good for the kids to
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have a little summer before they head back to school >> some kids early august. >> yeah, cooler than average weather, warm for the weekend. good morning, 4:53 on this hump day you can see the embarcadero center there we have cloud cover this morning. we have more cloud cover than yesterday and a little drizzle possible along the coast now live doppler showing that is dry for our morning commute. let's talk about temperatures on the peninsula, 62 redwood city heading into the south bay, mountain view 61. monterey bay and inland cloudy mid to upper 50s. here's what i think going to happen today, slower reveal of sun by an hour means slightly cooler today. mainly cloudy, cool again tonight, the weekend is trending warmer during the afternoon. today, the same in san jose at 79, oakland 69, san francisco, 66, one degree cooler.
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concord 80, fremont and santa rosa 75 that's your high this afternoon. area of low pressure still up to our north and east still pushing in the sea breeze and this pattern is going to stay locked in for today, tomorrow and friday. the next 72 hours or so that's why the warming trend will hit during the weekend. low to mid 80s east bay valleys. east bay shore upper 60s, richmond, berkeley, oakland everybody else in the low to mid 70s. south bay low 80s the exception around saratoga, campbell, los gatos. low to mid 70s pins lark low to mid 60s along the coast. -- sausalito, 68, low 60s with less sun at your beaches. mid to upper 60s for monterey. 80s around gilroy and morgan hill. day game, could we sweep the padres?
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12:45 first pitch, sunny and 61, 64 by the end of the game. 83 tahoe, 107 palm springs low to mid 70s with afternoon sun in san diego and l.a. tomorrow coolest afternoon we gain one to two degrees everyday through the end of the forecast summer like this weekend into next week development a great day. just reported northbound 101 in the north bay might be an injury crash involving a motorcycle. chp en route right now traffic flowing well northbound and we'll keep you posted to see fit causes slowing southbound. so far -- if it causes slowing southbound. so far good out of novato into san rafael. golden gate bridge crews there changing lane configuration. more lanes headed southbound.
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bay bridge toll is delay-free, nice and light this time of the morning. some roadwork scheduled until 5, that might be cleared by now not causing delays. scheduled in both directions of the bay bridge. no major problems right now. we'll throw it back to eric and kristen. 4:56 now. hopes are dimming for a highly anticipated drug for alzheimer's. the experimental drug failed first clinical trial the drug did not improve effective slowing memory loss. experts say this is a big blow. alzheimer's is caused in part by brain plaque. imagine getting an e-mail out of the blue offering you $100,000 a year to pursue whatever research you want. that's what happened to this
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man. he is one of 21 scientists to get the offer from an organization that supports research in math and science. all recipients were unaware they were being considered. the money comes with no strings attached. he says it was probably single most surprising e-mail he has ever received and perhaps the best. next, we are following several fires in the east bay, including one that has damaged a strip mall in vallejo. increase in crime in one east bay city, what the police chief blames for the surge in antioch. a movie about oscar grant and what bart is doing to help out with the production. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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